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I have serous constipation and compared to the many fiber brands I tried, Berryshine did not give me stomach cramps and it really made my stools soft that i didn’t know detox could be such a smooth process. #berryshinefiber

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Berryshine Enzyme took effect the next day. I’m 62 and I love this detox drink! Not only do i have better digestion, my skin looks better too. I encourage all to try. #berryshinefiber

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Berryshine Enzyme worked like magic the next day. I have tried many other detox products and this has made it to my top list along with my weekly workout. Anyone should try this program. #berryshinefiber

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Alice Wong

Taste good and berrylicious!  I am SUPER excited to try Berryshine Detox to get rid of toxins and cleanse my body. Bye bye fat tummy #berryshinefiber



After consuming Berryshine Enzyme for quite awhile, I realized that it does helps in detoxing although I didn’t lose much fats. #berryshinefiber

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It’s not about being skinny but being healthy! Love this delicious berry drink. Take 1 sachet at night after a heavy meal. #berryshinefiber



Berryshine Pure Enzyme Fiber with Prebiotics is a 100% natural drink by Kenkoway! It helps detox body, even enhances in losing body fat and skin rejuvenation 💯 The best part is that it tastes so good 😋😋 Go check them out now and try one for yourself!

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So eager to try it out! Loving my detox process. #berryshinefiber

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